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At Seniorleads, we pay for your ads, 2 weeks in advance. Therefore, we limit changes to your account to once per week as we have already paid for your ads. You can log in and change your radius, zip codes or prospects types at any time but those changes will not take effect until the next 1st or 3rd Thursday at 9pm Pacific time. Similarly, you can log in and cancel your account at any time but the cancellation will not take effect until next 1st or 3rd Thursday at 9pm Pacific and you pay for any leads received until the effective time.

Most months have 4 Thursdays, some have 5 Thursdays. But the dates to make changes never varies - it's always every Thursday of the month.


2023: March, June, August, November

2024: February, May, August, October

2025: January, May, July, October