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Initial each section indicated, complete your credit card and billing information on page 2, sign & fax back to 925-226-4649 or scan and email to [email protected] SeniorLeads, 25A Crescent Drive #1508, Pleasant Hill CA 94523

Seniorleads Service Agreement:

Cost - Select Option A or B

Option A: There is a one time non-refundable registration fee of $179 so that prospects which meet your criteria are assigned to you exclusively for the lead types you have selected. For each prospect match, the charge is $22 Initial ______


Option B: There is a one time non-refundable registration fee of $179 so that prospects are assigned as in option A. I have requested the specific zip code option which allows me to exclude or include individual zip codes and understand for each prospect match the charge is $24. I will email a list of my desired zip codes within 24 hours to [email protected] I understand that I should start with zip codes including not more than 400,000 population as I am responsible for payment of leads received. I can find population for each zip code at Initial ______

Our Guarantees

While we do not have details about net worth, investment motivation, or age of each prospect, we advertise to secure mature prospects that most advisors would find to be desirable investors and insurance buyers. You acknowledge that some prospects will be more desirable than others and some will be more motivated than others. Seniorleads CANNOT guarantee that prospects provided will result in sales, new clients, or any other desired outcome. Seniorleads GUARANTEES that every prospect will have a valid name, working phone number, and deliverable postal address or we will provide a replacement. To obtain a replacement prospect, which is also covered under the SAME guarantee, you must notify us within 30 days of receiving a prospect that does not meet the above guarantee. You must use the online credit request system to make your replacement requests. Any credit request containing false information or abuse of the credit request process results in immediate cancellation of your account without refund or credit. You agree that all prospects for which you do not request replacement do in fact meet the guarantee, and that all prospects meeting the guarantee are satisfactory. You further acknowledge that receipt of each prospect into your Seniorleads account constitutes "use" of said prospect. Cash refunds are not granted for any reason as we must pay for your ads in advance, and you must have an active account to receive credits. For undeliverable postal addresses, Client Services requires proof of returned mail via fax or scan.To receive credit for prospects, you agree to watch a consulting call video within the next 7 days to learn how to contact your prospects most effectively. Initial ______

Account Management

This is a continuous, self-managing, real-time service. You manage your account on-line, including your radius, zip codes, prospect types, and cancellation of service. You are SOLELY responsible for controlling your prospect flow by managing these parameters. Because Seniorleads buys advertising in weekly intervals and pays in advance, you may change your radius, central zip code, zip codes, prospect types and may cancel your account on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of any month. At least one generic and one elective prospect type is required to maintain your account. You acknowledge that email notifications and text messages are provided as a courtesy, and that Seniorleads is not responsible for email or text notification not delivered for any reason. Therefore, you agree to regularly check your online account, accessible 24 hours a day, for new postings. We encourage you to check your account daily at You also agree that any authorized user of your Seniorleads account (e.g. your assistant, partner, etc) understands and has read the terms and conditions of this agreement in full, and will review the recorded orientation call and learn to effectively manage the account on your behalf. Initial ______

Pause and Cancellation Policy

Because Seniorleads buys advertising in weekly intervals, you may cancel your account on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of any month after your account has been active for seven days by clicking the “cancel” link found under "My Account" in the Back Office. Upon cancellation, we will assign to you any prospects which have not yet been assigned which meet your criteria. There are no refunds for any remaining prepaid leads. After your account has been active for 30 days, you may pause your leads for up to 30 days every 12 months. You pause by clicking the "pause" link found under "My Account" in the Back Office. You CANNOT cancel or pause your account by emailing or contacting us; you initiate both features from your Back Office. Initial ______

Billing Policy

Upon registration and activation, you will be charged $179 plus a prepayment for your next 10 prospects and we provide an additional 2 prospects at no additional charge. Thereafter, we will replenish your account each time the balance reaches $0. We will charge the credit card you have authorized us to charge, using your stored credentials on file. Each charge will be for the next 10 leads. If we ever change this process, we will notify you by email at least 2 weeks in advance Initial ______

Our Service

If you are assigned any prospects at the time of registration, which will be identified to you during the registration process, these prospects have been waiting for information not more than seven days. Thereafter, we post the prospect to your online account and email you a courtesy notification within five minutes of their request for information. In the unlikely event we have more than 5 prospects matching your criteria in a single day, no more than 5 will be placed in your account unless you opt to receive more or have accumulated leads during a period when your credit card could not be charged. Any excess will be assigned the following day(s). The Seniorleads system is automated to the fullest extent possible to keep the lead price as low as possible. The entire system has been documented in your back office to answer every question you may have. But if you need assistance, you can create a ticket in your back office and assistance will be provided by email or you can opt for premium phone support (additional fee applies). Seniorleads reserves the right to administratively suspend or cancel service at any time for any reason. Initial ______

Technical Issues

If you select a zip code and ANY PART of that zip code is within your radius, you will receive prospects from that ENTIRE ZIP CODE, even if beyond your radius. Distance is measured as a straight line. All times in company communication and documentation are based on Pacific time. Initial ______


Your participation in this service does not require compliance approval and refunds for compliance issues are not granted.
If you plan to use the materials we supply to respond to these prospects, you should make sure that your compliance department has approved their use before you use them. We supply the source file of our booklets and you may make any changes that your compliance department requires. However, you do not need to use our materials to fulfill these requests, and you should use your firm's materials if your compliance department typically declines use of outside materials. Initial ______

Policy / System Changes

Seniorleads reserves the right to make changes to policy, pricing, or system features at any time. Notice will be delivered via email to the address we have on file no less than 15 days before the change occurs. Notice will also be posted in your back office account which you have agreed above to check regularly. Continued use of your account after 15 days written notice of any change constitutes it's acceptance, and will be considered binding under terms of this agreement. Initial ______

Acceptance of Terms

The terms in this agreement comprise the complete and final agreement between the parties and supersedes any prior verbal representations made by company personnel or agents. My signature below verifies that I have read, understand, authorize charges to my credit or debit card and will abide by all terms and conditions of this agreement and that I am the authorized signer on the credit card.**

Please immediately complete ALL required fields* on the SEVEN lines below and fax back ALL pages to activate your account and gain access to the Back Office resources.

  • (1) *Last four digits of credit card # used for this transaction xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-_________
  • (2) *Credit Card Expiration Date(mmyy) _________
  • (3) *Billing Address ___________________________________________________
  • (4) *Billing City _____________________________*State _______ *Zip ___________
  • (5) *Signature of cardholder__________________________________ *Date: ________
  • (6) *Print Name of cardholder ______________________________________
  • (7) *Name on SeniorLeads Account IF NOT cardholder ______________________________________

Fax to 925-226-4649 or scan and email to [email protected]

**You (subscriber) acknowledge that Seniorleads does not provide legal advice and it is your responsibility to comply with all federal and state regulations regarding the conduct of your business. You indemnify, defend and hold Seniorleads, its parent company and/or subsidiaries harmless, as well as its officers, agents, employees and owners from and against all claims, demands, actions, liabilities, losses and expenses, damages or costs, including reasonable attorneys fees, that may at any time be incurred by any of them by reason of any claims, suits, proceedings, losses or actions that arise from or result directly or indirectly from the services provided under this agreement. If any provision of this agreement is deemed unenforceable, all remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect. Any action arising out of this agreement shall be interpreted under the laws of the State of California and shall be adjudicated in Contra Costa County, State of CA. Should any claim arising out of this contract result in an action for damages, the sole amount of damages available to the subscriber shall be no more than the amount subscriber ultimately paid for leads by means of this contract. Should Seniorleads need to resort to collection services to collect unpaid amounts, legally permitted collection fees and interest will be added to the unpaid amount. Should Seniorleads not be able to charge your card automatically when amounts are due, you agree to supply a new credit card number and pay an additional $25 charge for manual processing. You also acknowledge that you will be responsible to pay for leads purchased on your behalf while suspended due to billing failure.

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